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J&K Solutions is a business consulting firm that provides strategic and intentional business strategies through coaching, consulting, advising, and training. Our company is a change agent offering to its clients an environment that is supportive, encouraging, energetic, contagious, and inspiring. Our client base consists of individuals and organizations new to the journey of entrepreneurship or established entities that have reached a plateau needing a fresh new outlook on how to successfully pivot from their current position in the marketplace. We are a vibrant, free-thinking, progressive practice that revitalizes the business owner in whatever stage of the journey they are on. To our clients, we are partners who link arms with them, not parents who tell them what to do. It’s business, yet personal.

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"JaCoi is a versatile coach who collaborates closely with her clients to craft easily executable solutions that not only foster confidence but also pave the path to success. In the year 2021, I had the privilege of working alongside JaCoi and her exceptional team to craft a streamlined client onboarding process for my independent consulting venture, which was the focal point of my professional pursuits at that time. This meticulously developed onboarding procedure not only significantly streamlined my operational efficiency but also inspired confidence in both my longstanding clientele and those newly acquired. The feedback received from my clients was resoundingly positive, with many remarking that this newly implemented process stood out as one of the most straightforward and professionally executed experiences they had encountered when engaging an independent contractor. Subsequently, in 2023, I embarked on another coaching journey with JaCoi, this time to navigate the intricate waters of transitioning into a new full-time role. Her guidance and expertise proved invaluable as she assisted me in dissecting a job offer and meticulously preparing persuasive talking points. Armed with her insights, I confidently presented my case and ultimately secured a more enticing final offer. Today, I find myself thriving in my dream job, brimming with newfound contentment and satisfaction. If you happen to be in search of coaching, whether it's for small business optimization or career metamorphosis, I wholeheartedly endorse JaCoi's services and intend to seek her guidance once more when the need arises."

- Jennifer Kumar, Authentic Journeys (2023)

"JaCoi’s passion for helping people achieve their goals shows in all things. She has a heart of gold and a true passion to serve! Having a partner like her in your corner you can’t go wrong."

- Rivka Parr, Realtor (2018)

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