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Small Business Vision & Strategy
JaCoi James Pugh

I am delighted you chose to work with me!  J&K Solutions offers a wide range of business services to fit your needs.

What We


Initial Free 15-minute consultation
(for new clients only)

This is used for all new prospective clients. This is a FREE call that allows us to get to know one another and determine if working together will be mutually beneficial. Please be mindful that this is only a 15 min call. If any more time is needed, please select a PAID time slot of 30 mins or more.


Business Consulting Retainer Fee - $2,000
(8 hours per month)

Please note: This is a monthly retainer fee for us to work together on addressing specific business problems. In our time together, I will work alongside you to analyze your business challenges, provide solutions, and help implement these solutions. We will attack each business challenge as a project to give proper attention to it. Depending on the scope and complexity of your business challenges will determine length of time we will need to work together.


Team Building Workshop - $1,500
(less than 100 people)

Select this option for a small (less than 100) 2-hour workshop for your organization or department. Topics include (but not limited to) transparent team building, authentic leadership, effective communication, intentional employee engagement, and project collaboration.


Onsite Business Analysis - $750

(IN-PERSON) Select this option if you are a micro business owner (less than 10 employees) that would like a review of your current business model, processes, and team structure. The goal and outcome of this business analysis is to uncover areas of development within your business relating to your team, processes, and client/customer retention. Once identifying these areas of development, recommendations will be provided with varied solutions for immediate or phased execution.


Business Coaching - $275

In this session, we will focus on your personal development and unlocking your potential. I will work with you to set goals, develop your skills, and improve your performance. I will work alongside you, guiding and encouraging you to find solutions and make improvements. Sign up for this session if you are looking to improve leadership, personal growth, and overcome barriers to success.


Business Advisor Retainer Fee – $600
(4 hours per month)

Please note: This is a monthly retainer fee to work together. Select this option if you need a business advisor or mentor providing long-term strategic advice. I will work with you to provide strategic planning, decision-making, or operations.


Small Workshop Training - $2,500
(100 or more people)

Select this option for a small (100-250 people) 3-hour workshop for your organization or department. Topics vary depending on the need and focus of organization. Due to more people being present, more time must be allocated to questions and answers, working sessions, etc.


Small Business Virtual Training

Individuals who are in the in-between stages of their business. Those that have learned just enough to have gotten started but do not know enough of what it will take to reach the next level in their business. This on-demand learning will be the nudge someone needs to push through to be a better business owner and leader.

  • Tier 1 - $25 monthly subscription

  • Tier 2 - $50 monthly subscription

  • Per course fee - $10

SMART Business Goals

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JaCoi is a versatile coach who collaborates closely with her clients to craft easily executable solutions that not only foster confidence but also pave the path to success. In the year 2021, I had the privilege of working alongside JaCoi and her exceptional team to craft a streamlined client onboarding process for my independent consulting venture, which was the focal point of my professional pursuits at that time.

Jennife Kumar, Authentic Journeys (2023)

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